my name is Artem
and I am product Designer

About Me

My name is Artem Beztsinniy and I'm a UX, WEB and Graphic designer. I work @, live and play in Dnipropetrovsk Bordeaux Amsterdam.

I started working on the web 8 years ago as a freelance web designer and web developer. Since then, I have been creating clean, usable and attractive designs for web and print.

In 2007 I became a part of Maxymiser team where I've been working on improving websites of more then 50 clients, including Hilton, Mercedes, Virgin Media and ASDA and leading product design

Photo of me

Currently my main focus is UX design and product development. I have 4 years experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I'm passionate about web-standards, new web technologies and semantic coding. On the back-end side, i worked closely with ASP.NET and PHP dev teams and have good knowledge of Wordpress and OpenCart.

When I'm not on the work, I spend my time playing basketball, snowboarding, listening to music and exploring the world around me.

Areas of interest

  • pcwalking

    UX Design

    My main focus and passion. I believe user-centered design will save the world!

  • bag

    Product Development

    All stages from idea generation to marketing and commercialization

  • color

    Web Design

    Idea and content are on the first place! Pixel perfection goes after

  • code

    Web Development

    I love web standards, semantic coding and well structured backend


I worked in Maxymiser as a full-time emploee from 2007 till 2014. Initially I worked in Client Services direction, where I have been leading design department and worked on improving websites of such clients as Hilton, Mercedes, Virgin Media, ASDA and many others. After 5 years in CS team, I moved to Product team, where I was leading UX design and focusing on building complex conversion optimisation platform.


Boomerang boardshop

Boomerang Boardshop is specializing in snowboards, skateboards, clothing and equipment. I helped Boomerang to create a lot of banners, posters and other small stuff. I've also developed an e-commerce 1site for them

Boomerang Boardshop

Ruby Garage

Ruby Garage is a team of developers based in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. They specialize in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Cloud Computing, Mobile Development, Application Design. I created a logo for them and prepared a website concept for their events

Ruby Garage